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Smart WebP, PNG and JPEG Compression for Faster Websites

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Up to 20 images, max 5 MB each.

Convert my images automatically


Optimization for each project

Tailored solutions for website owners, developers, and designers, ensuring optimal website performance for every project. Discover the advantages of faster loading times with our image optimization tools.

Web Pro and Web Ultra

The online compressor empowers you to easily optimize your images. Seamlessly convert to WebP or efficiently compress extensive batches to minimize file sizes, all with ease.

Tinify CDN

Power up your website with Tinify's Image CDN. Harness the power of multiple content delivery networks along with advanced image optimization for unmatched reliability and performance.

API Integration

Integrate Tinify’s powerful image API seamlessly into your workflow. Explore advanced features like resizing, converting, and cropping for a comprehensive experience.

WordPress Plugin

Accelerate your WordPress website with the TinyPNG plugin. Automated image compression for fast page load times and enhanced user experience.

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What our customers say

Performance is more and more important for our clients, and by using Tinify CDN’s services we are able to get outstanding performance scores.

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We prioritize performance due to the high-resolution images on our websites. For instance, one site serves up 200GB of images alone. Tinify CDN not only accelerates the website but also speeds up the import process.

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Matt Neal
Project Manager

Infrastructure costs and improving SEO are recurring challenges in the e-commerce industry. Image compression is also one of them, and Tinify's API has proven to be an effective solution.

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Optimizing your images with the TinyPNG algorithm brings several benefits to your website. 

TinyPNG reduces file sizes by up to 80% without sacrificing quality, leading to faster page loads. This optimization is essential for keeping user attention and ensuring an enjoyable user experience. Additionally, it minimizes bandwidth usage, making your website more efficient and cost-effective. 

Image compression also plays a role in SEO, as efficiently compressed images contribute to faster page speeds and improve your website's search engine ranking.